WOMEN’S DAY is celebrated every year on March 8th. It should be celebrated every day but that’s another story.

I first heard of it when my wife and I were living in Italy. We were having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and noticed that all the women were getting mimosa blossoms. When we asked one of them what it was all about, she told us that it was, “la festa della donna,” the “Feast of the Woman."

For me, WOMEN'S DAY celebrates the beginning of our love for all women, especially our mothers. Today, I’d like to thank the women who have guided me in my life.

First, my mother Rosie.

She taught me manners and especially how to respect women. They are always first…in & out of elevators; opening & closing doors; to stand up when they enter a room; to walk on the outside of them; to carry their packages. I can’t remember them all but I do remember that there was always a penalty to be paid if I didn’t follow these instructions. I hope she knows that I still follow her rules.

Next there’s my beautiful wife, Giorgia, dressed in red to honor the day.

She tries to tell me to be nice even when I don’t want to be nice…She tries to tell me how to dress...…When I eat she wants me to share what I have with others... Never done it...Never will. …She remembers some important birthdays when I forget them…She was very angry when I imbibed to an extreme, so I cut back and now she loves me even more. While there really isn’t much that she can do with me, I think that overall she has taught me how to be a pretty good husband.

I also want to celebrate my grandmother, Anna,

who I know is watching over me along with my mother.

I was her first grandchild so she always thought of me as her sixth child. One of the many things I remember is going to her apartment on Saturdays mornings to do her shopping and to help her with whatever else was needed. I really miss those days.

As for me, on this day I'm offering a toast to all the women in my life…past, present and in the future.

I wish them good health, much happiness, and above all, the equality that they deserve.


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