My mother passed away in 1988, too young. Her name was Rose and we all called her Rosie, especially during the war...ROSIE, THE RIVETER. She was a fun mother. She loved the movies and Broadway shows. She took me to my first show, "Oklahoma" and a lot more after that. She loved knitting and was good at it. She and her friends loved to play Mah Jongg, even in the street. Whenever one of her friends didn't show up, I became the fifth hand. Bedtime was 9:00 except the nights the Rangers were playing. On those nights I was allowed to listen on the radio until the end (remember this was the '40s.) If she was still here, I would take her for a nice Italian dinner. She would love it. Thanks Mom for everything you did for me except for when you danced with Mel Ott, the great Giant player, and you didn't get an autograph for me. Was it because you were a Yankee fan? She really loved life right up to the end but her smoking habit did her in.

Love you Rosie.

But, there are other mothers in my life.

There's my grandmother, Anna. She was born in Poland. In 1910 she came to America with my grandfather, Louis, and my infant mother. They all became citizens. When I was about 13 years old, I had a Saturday chore. My grandparents were religious so I had to do their shopping. This lasted for many years but I always looked forward to it because they lived three train stops from the Polo Grounds. Need I say more? I remember when the family would get together at her apartment for a Sunday dinner. When it ended, she would remind me that I would go the dishes. One day when we visited, I asked my mother why my grandparents were crying. She told me that their 100 year old parents were killed in the holocaust. Learning about that was one of the reasons I directed the EMMY award winning, "FOREVER YESTERDAY". My grandmother followed in her parents footsteps and didn't pass away until she was over 100 years old.

Then there's my wife's mother, another Rosie.

This Rosie, born Rosetta, married Marty and had three daughters, the oldest of them being Georgann, my wife.

She loved to listen to music, especially if it was Frank Sinatra singing on Broadway and knew every word of his songs. Whenever we had an occasion, Giorgie would bring her mother with us... to friends, restaurants, Belmont Race Track...wherever. We loved having her join us because she was a happy person and lit up the evening . Almost every Saturday night we went to dinner in Brooklyn at their favorite restaurant, Italian of course. We also enjoyed our many Florida trips. Even when we lived in Rome, Rosie visited us a couple of times until she became sick. I loved her almost as my own mother.

By the way...Rosie was born in Liverpool and

if her parents had stayed there,

we might have had a little Beetle in the family.

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