51 YEARS AGO & nothing has changed!

51 years ago, I received this letter from Senator Joseph Tydings.

Why did I invite him to appear on a daily telephone call-in-program

that I produced for WJZ-TV?

He had just introduced his “Firearms Registration and Licensing Act.”

The bill would have mandated registration of all purchased guns

and created licensing requirements intended to keep guns

out of the hands of criminals and chronic substance abusers.

Sound familiar?

The bill did make it to the floor but was voted down.

In addition, with the NRA and the gun groups opposed to him,

he lost his bid for another term.

Sound familiar?

Although his political career was more or less finished

he never gave up his fight saying,

I can serve without holding public office.

He passed away last year at the age of 90.

I'd like to think he’s still in there fighting

for something he started 51 years ago.

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