With all due respect to Shakespeare,


would not be a rose,

it would be a PINSA ROMANA.

Just about one year ago, the renowned Bice reopened as BICE CUCINA

and my wife and I have been going there since.

What made it even better was that several people from the old Bice had joined the new Bice.

When we were introduced to their special pizza, PINSA ROMANA, we asked where this had been all our lives. It was fantastic!

It was Benny who introduced it to us, but not with a smile on his face,

it was him screaming at me, "Hurry up, the handles are burning my hands!"

So, what's a PINSA ROMANA?

First, it's an ancient Roman dish that's just coming back into vogue.

Traditional pizza is heavy and made with fat.

On the other hand, PINSA ROMANA is made with a wheat/soy/rice flour,

more water and less salt, creating a lighter and airier crust.

It also has fewer calories, lower fat and less sodium than regular pizza.

In addition, the crust requires at least 48 hours to make.

No, you don't have to wait 48 hours...it's prepared in advance

The result is the best pizza we've ever had...in the USA or Italy.

My favorite is PINSA Margherita but it comes in all different toppings...

Primavera, 5 Formaggi, and Milano, to name a few.

When you make the reservation, 212-757-2600,

ask for Peter, the manager & part owner, and tell him Norman sent you.

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