I was scanning through the news the other day and came across an article about Betty White. She celebrated her 97th birthday and that made me think about my longevity.

(Me at 2-3 years of age)

I thought it would be a gas to see what my longevity was at birth. So, I went on line and found a website that gives longevities from 1900 for men and women. When I saw that at birth I had an expectancy of 55 years, I broke out laughing. I kept shouting to my wife…55 YEARS!!! Holy Moly! 55 YEARS!!! That chart was quite a few years off because according to them, I should have been gone in 1984.

(Wedding night-1984-Is that a coincidence, or what?)

I also checked it from today and I still have many years. However, I have a theory. If I keep checking it every year, I’ll always be here because I don’t think the longevity tables can go to zero.

(Any birthday)

Also, thanks to my friend Antonio, owner of Rinaldi al Quirinale, the best restaurant in Rome, I'll always be 150 years old. Maybe if you go to his restaurant, you'll have the same luck but only if you let me do your booking.

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