Here's an excerpt from a new book, "My First 83 Years", written by Paul Noble, a friend and former colleague at WNEW-TV, Channel 5 in New York City.

The reason for this blog is that Paul mentions me a few times but this one touches on my present life.


"Another special trip I took was to Rome for the 1975 Holy Year celebration.

I made arrangements with the Italian network, RAI, Al Italia, the Excelsior Hotel, and we were off. Norman Ross had another chance at a flight to Europe, this one was first class. He loved Rome so much that after he left the television business, he became a travel specialist for Americans in Italy. He is still an agent for personalized visits to Rome."


The American contingent included Enzo Stuarti, on the right, Bunny Schanzer, the writer in the middle, and me on the left. Sorry for the quality but this picture is on a digitals in those days.

Aside from the great weather, the food and the sights, I left with a memory of a city where I wanted to live. 15 years later, my wife and I finally made the move to Rome and we stayed there for 15 years before returning home.

As Paul says in his book,

"We ended up with a lovely hour show."

and as I say,

"My wife and I ended up with a dream fullfilled."

Getting back to Paul's book, I worked with him for 20 years and never really knew the man until I read his book. He had a great life and is still living it. So, buy his book...I know you'll enjoy it.

Lastly, contact me for your next trip to Italy, especially to Rome. Maybe you'll also live there for 15 years.


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