I was in the Fountain of Trevi with my friend Marino.

I'm on the right.

Let me tell you why I was there.

From the beginning of the World Cup Tournament,

Marino insisted that if Italy won the Cup,

we would jump into the Fountain.

Italy wasn't considered a contender so I humored him

and agreed.

Fast forward to July 9th. France, a strong favorite, was playing...ITALY!

I made dinner in my apartment

and we watched the game there.

Of course Italy won and Marino was screaming at me,

"Vieni, Andiamo".

My wife was screaming,

"No! You can't go into the fountain.

There's bacteria in the water!"

So, I took off my shoes to please Giorgia

and went into the Fountain.

Leanne also jumped in as you'll notice from

the water dripping down her face.

Giorgia stayed dry and bacteria free.

And that's my story.

Where were you on July 9th, 2006?

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