La Posta Vecchia

Picture taken September 1996

I had just become appointed as the American representative

for a major DMC to help promote and to bring groups to Italy.

As a result, my wife and I were invited

to this luxury hotel for dinner.

Before dinner, we had some prosecco sitting on the lawn

facing the Adriatic Sea and watching a beautiful sunset.

Unfortunately, I have not returned to this hotel since then,

although I unsuccessfully tried to find the time

when I was just in Rome.

However, I’m happy to say that La Posta Vecchia

has announced a promotion for later this year,

4 nights at the cost of 3, valid 9/15/18 - 10/20/18!

Ask me for further details.

If you let me do your booking, your first glass of prosecco is on me.

Buon Viaggio.

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