A Street of 500,000 Flowers

It’s almost time for your vacation and you don’t know where to go. How about trying this idea?

The street is the Via Belardi in the town of Genzano.

It's located in the Castelli Romani outside of Rome.

The occasion is the celebration of the Corpus Domini.

It's called the Infiorata di Genzano,

My first Infiorata was in 1992 when the Festival was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America. It was such a wonderful experience that my wife (in yellow) and I have gone back many times.

Another theme that I remember was a double-header because it celebrated two great event,

the Holy Year and the Millennium.

Since there were two events, the Festival was held on two separate streets.

Some other information that may be of interest to

you, includes:

…The first Infiorata was held in 1773 and every year thereafter.

...The Via Belardi is approximately three football fields long.

…There's a great restaurant right on top of the hill.

So, put this event on your must-see list.

But, then again they will do another one next year for sure, and each year thereafter, each just as beautiful and just as unique.

Since I lived in Rome for 15 years, I consider myself qualified to give you more ideas as to where to go and what to see.

I can arrange for:

...air transportation,

...airport transfers,

...tour guides,




...and whatever else your desires may be.

And I'm not referring only to Rome because I've been all over Italy.

In future blogs, I’m going to share my experiences with you. I hope you'll find them, not only enjoyable, but informational as well.


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