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...and a lot of other sites in Rome! That's right! No sitting and no eating. But Rome has done this before. It depends on your point of view. Do you want the steps so crowded that it's almost impossible to walk up or down? (You can take an elevator, you know.) Do you want to walk through someone else's lunch remains? I don't think so. You'll just have to get used to standing for those pictures you love so much. By the way, there's a hefty fine of up to Euro 400 that comes to approximately $440 at todays rate...so don't be a hero. There are some other well known sites that will probably be off-limits to the tourists. Don't try jumping into the Fountain of Trevi. Except for Anita Ekberg in the

TWO WEEKS IN ROME...is never enough!

TWO WEEKS IN ROME IS NEVER ENOUGH How can you possibly ...see your friends ...eat at your favorite restaurants ...and still have time to see some properties for my clients? I know it's rough, but somebody's got to do it. Because I want to do justice to everything I saw, this blog is just intended to give you a tease. l know you'll agree with me after you see the individual blogs. So, let's start at the beginning. ***************************** The first "hotel" was a magnificent Villa in the heart of the city, suitable for relaxing or business. In addition to its 12 luxury bedrooms and suites, there's a magnificent living room, dining room, library, as well as an exercise room, spa, while out


With all due respect to Shakespeare, A PIZZA BY ANY OTHER NAME would not be a rose, it would be a PINSA ROMANA. Just about one year ago, the renowned Bice reopened as BICE CUCINA and my wife and I have been going there since. What made it even better was that several people from the old Bice had joined the new Bice. When we were introduced to their special pizza, PINSA ROMANA, we asked where this had been all our lives. It was fantastic! It was Benny who introduced it to us, but not with a smile on his face, it was him screaming at me, "Hurry up, the handles are burning my hands!" So, what's a PINSA ROMANA? First, it's an ancient Roman dish that's just coming back into vogue. Traditional piz

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