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I love Venice. I love Venice at Carnavale. I want you to love it as much as I do. Sharing some of my experiences may help even though the Carnavale has already begun, but it runs to March 5th so there's still time to see lots of it. I've been fortunate enough to have taken some groups there during the Carnavale and we had a ball. I love it most when there's a misty morning and San Marco is quiet. Aside from the different private events, there's still a lot to enjoy... and most of it begins in San Marco Square... ...and some of it continues into the cafes. (that's me on the right with the tie) There are still events available until March 5th, the final day of Carnavale. The Ca’ Vendramin Cale


OK folks. Get ready for some bad news. No, it's actually terrible news. ITALY IS RUNNING OUT OF EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL! No joke. I just read this in Fodor's: "According to a report from The Times, Italy will be out of olive oil by April. Coldiretti, an Italian agriculture association, states that last season, the olive harvest fell 57 percent, a 25-year low. At this rate, the group said, the chance of losing (possibly forever) Italian extra virgin olive oil is very real and “will have disastrous effects on the economy, jobs, health, and the countryside.” If you want to read the whole article, click here. I'll stay on top of this tragic situation. More to follow.

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