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A while back, Fodor’s did an interesting article listing 19 luxury hotels where the Royals have stayed. https://www.fodors.com/news/photos/ 19-luxury-hotels-where-royal-family-members-have-stayed Well, I’m going to go one better. I’m rounding it out to 20 with a little-known hotel on a little-known island. The island is called Torcello. And, the hotel is called the Locanda Cipriani. What? You never heard of them? A lot of royals have. Here's a short list: …Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. …the Prince and Princess of Wales. … Winston Churchill often visited with his wife, Lady Clementine. …British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was a guest. …In 1948, Ernest Hemingway was one of


I was in the Fountain of Trevi with my friend Marino. I'm on the right. Let me tell you why I was there. From the beginning of the World Cup Tournament, Marino insisted that if Italy won the Cup, we would jump into the Fountain. Italy wasn't considered a contender so I humored him and agreed. Fast forward to July 9th. France, a strong favorite, was playing...ITALY! I made dinner in my apartment and we watched the game there. Of course Italy won and Marino was screaming at me, "Vieni, Andiamo". My wife was screaming, "No! You can't go into the fountain. There's bacteria in the water!" So, I took off my shoes to please Giorgia and went into the Fountain. Leanne also jumped in as you'll notice


When you walk through this gate today, at Via degli Uffici del Vicario, #49 in Rome, you'll almost feel that you're entering another century, a yesterday you never knew... and that's where you are! You're entering the courtyard of the Palazzo Lavaggi and into another era dating back hundreds of years. From there, an elevator sweeps you right up into the 22nd Century and into the deluxe Martivs Private Suites Hotel. When you see the rooms you’ll understand why we call them 22nd Century. Recently built, this enchanting, eight-room, all suite, exclusive hotel is located right in the heart of Rome’s historical center. The rooms range in size from 270 FT to 800 FT. To begin your day on a happy no

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