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When is a FIT not a FIT?

Most people think of how tight their clothing may FIT. When parents see how their children eat, they may have a FIT. Still others use FIT to describe how they look. However, in my business, FIT is an acronym for, …Fully …Independent …Travel I consider this to be a great way to travel because …you can go wherever you want to go; …and you can go whenever you want to go. Plus, the best part is that I’m …ready, …willing, …and able to do it all for you. I can create any FIT that meets your desire. And, I use a somewhat different acronym. FUN (The fun has just begun) AIRPORT PICKUP MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA STROLLING TRIOS SAILING THE WATERS INTERESTS (For first time travelers) ROME'S HISTORY MUST TOP Y

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Norman Ross

Travel Consultant/

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