(everything I wanted to say about myself but others said it better)

Dear Norman,


You did a great job.

Everyone said this was their

best President's Club ever.

Larry Austin, Chairman & CEO

Austin Travel


Institutional Investor, New York, NY

"...I cannot thank you enough

for all the work you did for us.

The feedback has been truly phenomenal

and I couldn't have asked to work with more

professional and terrific people.

I am indebted to you all."

Signed: Melissa Zipser 

Logistics Manager


Don Jagoda Associates, Inc., Melville,NY

"...I'm not sure I can successfully f

ind the words to thank you

for the extraordinary job that was done.

Not only did you give so much more than I ever expected,

but I was constantly overwhelmed by all the players

on the Count G team".

signed: Richard Kaback, VP

Travel Services & Incentives


IFE...Institute for Fiduciary Education, Sacramento, CA

"...I wanted to thank you for all your help in making

our afternoon at Trussardi a great success.

Our clients loved it!"

signed: Karen Stapf Walters, Director

Seminar Programs


Air Travel Card, Washington DC

"The reason for my letter is to thank you for such an

unforgettable evening at the Casina Macchia Madama!

The whole event went beyond my highest expectations".

signed: Lynn Sennett

Training Specialist


He’s an expert on Italy

& sooooo much fun to work with. 


Gwenna B.


Thanks Norman.

Appreciate your help and patience,

look forward to meeting you.  

Bill K.


Who Am I-Mantle pic w-inscription-2-crop
Joan Crawford letter-Cropped-Resized-Enh

As usual,

everything you plan looks 

sooo interesting and first rate.

Ann M.



I am so happy for you. This is terrific.

Of course I will have you book 

all my great adventures!!!!
Bon Voyage to all of us,
Carol O.


Great news Norm. I understand.  

It's impossible to get travel/hospitality

out of your system once you have done it.  

Good luck!
Gwenna B.


Good to hear from you

and so glad about the positive news.

You deserve it, my friend.

Obviously we will be in touch with you any time we can.
John D.


Ciao Caro Norman , 
Great to hear from you —

sure I come to Rome once in while

and we should try to connect also for tickets 
Grazie mille
Venanzio C.



Let me guess, your expertise is Rome/Italy?! 
Will keep you in mind for future travel ideas.
Andy P.


It’s good to reinvent oneself 

when the opportunity beckons!  

Yes, my wife and I do want to go to Rome.

Aaron S.



Hey Norman!  Everything is going great so far.

My hotel is lovely and everyone has been so nice. 

Kris G.


Ralph Edwards Letter-Cropped-Resized-Lig