I'm sure that you would like an answer to the question, "WHO AM I?"

So, let me begin at the beginning. I'm a native New Yorker, born in the Bronx and have lived in Manhattan for most of my life.

Now, let's forget the boring stuff and let's skip ahead. 

My First Life

For almost 30 years, I was an Emmy award-winning

television producer and director. 

In those capacities I had to deal with a multitude of personalities 

ranging from TV anchors to movie celebrities,

such as Carroll O'Connor...

and many sports stars, such as,

New York Yankee hero, Mickey Mantle...

and the "Greatest of All Time", 

Muhammad Ali.

In the end they learned to respect my opinions, as I did theirs. 

We even continued our friendships after I left my first life 

and ventured into my second life.

It was also during these TV years that travel entered my life.

As producer/director of sports, there was a lot of traveling involved…

baseball and football spring training, sports documentaries,

World Series, and more. 

Traveling was especially complicated when it was NFL Playoff time

and every weekend we never new what teams were playing and in which cities.

I did a lot of double booking that was thankfully allowed in those days

and then passed it on to our travel agent for ticketing.

My Second Life


Following my TV career, my wife and I decided that we should fulfill our dream

of moving to Rome and living La Dolce Vita…”the sweet life.”

The first step was to become associated with a major travel agency in New York.

I even learned how to handle the Sabre system

and had a copy installed into my home computer

that enabled me to work from my home office as well as from my agency office.

As a result, with all this knowledge in my favor, a few years later we were seated in TWA First Class, one-way, heading to Rome.  

In almost no time at all I became the US representative for a DMC specializing

in incentive groups, business meetings, and special events.

This is also where, considering the diverse needs that my clients

would complain about, 

I really honed my talent at getting along with them:

"Why is their room bigger than ours?"
"Why do they have a better view?"

And, my all-time favorite, 
"Why do we have to eat Italian food every day?"

Whenever possible, I satisfied their needs.

No one ever left Italy unhappy.

My Third Life


As always, "all good things must come to an end.

15 years later, it was time to return home...to give up our Dolce Vita.

Returning to Manhattan, I became a NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson 

with CENTURY 21 Metropolitan.

While I was very happy and successful,

I had travel in my blood that was luring me back.


My New Life


To wrap it up, I've decided to "return to the future"

 to the wonderful world of travel...and why not?

It was exciting.

It was fun.

And I know how to get things done.

So, when you ask yourself,

"Why Norman?"...the answer is simply,

"I've been there, I've done it, and now I want to help you to do it."