This is our promise to you:

we've been there, we've done it, 

and now we're ready to pass our experience on to you.

Although we're located in Manhattan,

our VENDORS cover the globe!

We work with all the airlines, 

national and international,

and have special arrangements

with many of them for our clients.

We deal world-wide with all the hotel chains

thus giving us a wide choice

from 1-star to 5-star deluxe.

Do you want a cruise to Alaska? Or the South Pole?

Of course you want the Caribbean, 

the South Pacific, and the inland European rivers.

Our Vendors will

take you wherever you desire.

A Vendor is only as good as 

the VENUES we offer.

As written by Lord Byron...

While stands the Colosseum, Rome shall stand,

When falls the Colosseum, Rome shall fall,

And when Rome falls – the World.

Wearing masks during the 

Venetian Mardi Gras

is meant to hide your sins.

No other place on the planet

remotely compares to

Africa’s wildlife extravaganza. 

Pick your dream place

and we'll make it come true.

Norman Ross

Travel Consultant/

Independent Contractor